Access Network components

MTS has an expert Implementation team to implement various Access Network Components of various vendors according to the customer’s plan and also maintain all security and safety issues. All these teams are able to perform the installation and commissioning of the Access Network Components and able to make sure about the customer’s timeline and Quality issues.
At MTS we have survey teams also to perform the various surveys needed to plan, design and optimize the sites of Access Network.

Our Access Network Implementation Process follows the below procedure:
  1. BTS integration in BSC.
  2. Rectification of items outstanding on the snag list.
  3. Necessary Documentation (Check List, PAT, Bill of Material) available at the site and fill up during the installation period.
  4. Site Access.
  5. Alarm System and all sensors Installation and commissioning.
  6. Feeder, antenna, and other relevant equipment testing with customer instructed Testing tools and meet customers’ KPIs. 
  7. Software Loading at BTS & On-site Commissioning.
  8. Labeling of all cabling and wiring required for BTS equipment.
  9. Faulty equipment handover.
  10. Preparation of snag list after completion of installation.
  11. Transmission Routing.
  12. Site Cleaning with a Vacuum cleaner during Installation.
  13. Equipment Receive at Site.
  14. Notification of any damage during the equipment receives at the site.
  15. Ensure quality Installation team.
  16. Provide standard tools as per customers provided list.
  17. Installation of BTS Cabinet.
  18. Installation of the Power system.
  19. Battery, all Indoor cables, groundings, jumpers, associate BTS peripheral equipment and materials as per provided layout from customers.
  20. Installation of outdoor Accessories, Antenna, Feeder Cables, Jumper Cables, grounding and others as per planned layout.
  21. Acceptance test of Service (in accordance with Customer’s standard acceptance test procedure).
  22. Production of ‘As built’ technical documentation required for the finalized implementation of BTS and other equipment.
  23. Modification of ‘As built’ technical documentation required for BTS and other equipment’s in accordance with Customer initiated changes.
At MTS we have survey teams also to perform the various surveys needed to plan, design and optimize the sites of Access Network as follows:
  1. RF Survey
  2. Pre-Installation Survey
  3. Technical Site Survey
  4. Optimization Survey


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