Optical Network Implementation and Maintenance

MTS’s Has some of the country’s best Implementation team to implement various Optical Network Components of various NTTN providers according to customer’s plan also maintain all security and safety issues. All these teams are able to perform the installation, commissioning, and Rectification of the Optical Network Components and able to make sure about the customer’s timeline and Quality issues. To serve the best service to the customers MTS has survey teams to perform different surveys needed for the exact execution of planning from customer end.


Our Optical Network Implementation Process follows the below procedure:

 Non-Messenger cable Laying, ODF Frame and Block Installation, Optical Core Splicing.

 Up to 48 core Messenger cable laying overground.

 Optical Splicing and fault detection.

 Corrective installation with advanced equipment.

 ODF installation

 Vertical installation of Messenger Cable.

 ODF connectivity completion with Splicer.

 Patch Cord connectivity installation.

 Indoor and Outdoor Ladder Installation and Labeling of all cabling and wiring required for Optical equipment.

 Optical Link Handover to Maintenance.

 Link Alignment to the Planned Received Level.

Our Strength in Optical Network Implementation and Maintenance:

 Working experience over two years with the two biggest NTTN providers in Bangladesh.

 Strong Team that are well capable of pulling out any challenges in implementing customer requirement.

 Enough Team for doing maintenance work parallel with the implementation team.

 Enough Tools Set for accepting any amount of maintenance work neglecting the implementation work.

 Strong management team dedicated to maintenance work.

 Strong management team for smooth communication with customer.

 Strong team who knows and understands the importance of maintenance work.