About Us

Mobile Tele Solutions (MTS) started a journey in 2015. We provide supports to corporate, manufacturers, business groups consistently to meet operational and business objectives on time and on budget with the due standard. We are working as associates of a number of organizations in Bangladesh and worldwide.

By providing innovative software applications and high value-added consultancy, we create new opportunities for Telecommunication operators, vendors, and partners to boost performance, reduce costs and retain customers.

Our highly experienced services are always on hand to help our customers harness the latest telecommunications industry standards.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes MTS the ideal choice for a Telecommunication company to manage the smooth implementation of your telecommunication management system and Engineering department.

 Founded in 2015.

 Want to be an independent specialist of Telecommunication network solution and Engineering Items supply.

 Specializes in Installation Service & Supply Accessories of Telecom Equipment and All Kinds of engineering and electrical items used by Luxurious Hotels by giving these services as a 3rd party for various Service Providers.

 Highly experienced and secured Logistics service.

Our Viewpoint

 Demonstration of our commitment

 Operational efficiency

 Consciousness about Timely delivery and disposing

 Skills and innovation of our people

 Excellence in quality

 Meet customer, quality management systems and regulatory requirements

 Achieve and maintain customer satisfaction continuously develop and improve our expertise and knowledge

Our Goal

Delegate MTS Members with skills, territory, facilities, social identification & implement Corporate Governance, Clarity & Enterprise Architecture. So that our deep industry of knowledge enables us to supply clients with advanced thoughts that assist them to improve productivity and achieve business goals.

Mobile Tele Solutions Mission

Provide the best technology available! Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If it’s current, we have it; if it’s new, we’ll be one of the first to get it!

Mobile Tele Solutions Vision 2015

Mobile Tele Solutions will be the largest broadband user-based Telecommunication solutions service provider in Bangladesh.

Mobile Tele Solutions Values

Mobile Tele Solutions values define the acceptable standards which govern the behaviour of individuals within our organization, and we will adjust our own value systems to match these values. Our core values are: